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... When faith becomes art harmoniously coexists with tradition ... 
confirms the value of our work and marks the eternal time ...

In our laboratory located in St. Petersburg, seeking to respect and deep sense of responsibility to the perfection of this art, it creates images on the standards delineated Orthodox culture.
Our long experience and the remarkable artisans who participate in our efforts contribute to the qualitative representation of our projects.
For the painting of our projects we use the traditional way of egg tempera, old authentic wood, handcrafted woodwork, and carefully choose the material is tested over time.
Our vision is to make the Byzantine art more known and accessible to the general public and to highlight the enormous artistic and sentimental value.
Our works adorn churches in Greece and abroad as well as private collections and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Petroupoli / Athens
Tel: 2105062416 Mob: 6944322143